Puzzling Presents is BACK!


As some of you will know, the introduction of IOS7 last Autumn saw several of our apps pulled from the store for compatibility reasons.

Our development elves have been stuck in their little hideaway for the past little while trying to rectify the problem and get the apps back live again in the store – and the first one is now READY and LIVE!

Puzzling Presents is an app designed to help children develop their addition skills.  It revolves around opening a series of presents with numbers hidden inside.

The user has lots of choices to make in the app and caters for any level of ability and has been used in schools with children from 5 to 14!

The options include :

1) Choose from a range of numbers (from working with numbers to 5 up to working with numbers up to 100).

2) Choose whether you wish to work with whole numbers, numbers to 1 decimal point or numbers to 2 decimal points.

3) Choosing the amount of boxes to open (from 3 to 8).

Click on the link below to be taken straight to the Apple App Store.


See if you can add up all of the Puzzling Presents in another fun, creative and challenging apps from Primary Apps.


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