Super Scramble is LIVE!



Super Scramble has been released!

Super Scramble is designed to help children with their spelling, vocabulary and unscrambling skills!

The object of the game is to rearrange the five letters that the user is shown, into a well known familiar 5 letter word.

There are two versions of the game to play :

1) Unscramble as many 5 letter words in 3 minutes as you can.

2) Unscramble each word within 20 seconds and see how many you can do before you either run out of ‘Skips’ or the 20 seconds run out.

There are 3 skips included in the game in case you get stuck, but use them wisely, because when they’re gone – they’re gone!

Here’s the download link.

We hope you enjoy our brand new app – and our first app in our literacy series.

Check out the video below.


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