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Apple are changing the way that apps are purchased and used in educational establishments.

Before, schools could purchase one copy of the app and sync it across as many devices as they wished. The distribution rights have changed and if you want a particular app on lots of devices, then you will need to purchase apps for the number of devices you have.

To make this more cost effective for schools, Apple have introduced the Apple Volume Purchasing program.  This enables schools to purchase apps at a greatly reduced cost and has saved schools hundreds of pounds and comply with distribution and licensing rules and regulations.

In order to make your school eligible to take part in this program, you need to do the following.

Each school will need an Apple Volume Purchasing Program account and app developers are opting into the educational establishment discount scheme which enables schools to bulk buy the apps for the number of devices that they have.

Depending on the number of Apple devices that they have, determines the amount of discount that they receive. Recently here at Primary Apps, we had several schools purchase large volumes of our apps (100+) and they received the each of the apps they wanted for half the normal price.

Make sure that your school enrols in the Apple Volume Purchasing Program so that you too can get great deals on your app purchases.

All of our apps at Primary Apps are eligible for the Educational Discount scheme through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program.

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