Grid Guru Development Shots

With Grid Guru nearing its final testing phase, we thought we’d share some development shots with you.

Grid Guru helps children learn how to work out long multiplication calculations in a fun, vibrant and creative way.

They can choose lots of different multiplication calculations:

2 digit by 1 digit (eg, 24 x 3)

2 digit by 2 digit (eg, 24 x 24)

3 digit by 1 digit (eg, 123 x 4)

3 digit by 2 digit (eg, 123 x 45)

Or choose their own calculation to work out.

Here are some images from the upcoming app – please note that these are still development shots and may not be exactly the same in the completed version.

We hope that you enjoy using Grid Guru when it lands in the app store towards the end of February.

Please share with your friends and colleagues who might find Grid Guru useful in their school or home.

title done

info done

2x2 done

2x1 done


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