Emerging From Its Cocoon….

The Christmas period is over, a new year has begun – and here at Primary Apps, we’re dedicated to bringing you more creative, fun and challenging apps for your child over the coming 12 months.

First out of the blocks is a brand new app which we hope to release in the next week or so.  It is designed to help children learn how to plot coordinates.  It won’t just deal with first quadrant coordinates, but will challenge your child right up to four quadrants!

The app is nearing completion in the development stage and it’s playing fabulously at the moment.  We’ll reveal the title and icon in the coming days – but the picture at the top of this post might give you a little clue!

Don’t forget about our other apps for primary school children (aged 5-11) as they can still be downloaded from the Apple app store right now……

1) Maths Attack (3 apps in 1!)

2) Secret Numbers

3) Monty’s Quest

4) Grid Guru

5) Hickory Divide

6) Fishy Numbers

Make sure you pack some quality educational apps on your iDevice today!  Have fun!


About primaryapps

Dedicated to creating fun, engaging apps for primary school aged children. Apps that are designed to work on iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads.

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