Let’s Recap

Quite a few things have been happening with Primary Apps over the past few days, so here’s a recap of the most important bits.

1) Monty’s Quest has had a major update to include the ability to PRACTICE the multiplication tables on screen, BEFORE selecting a slide speed for Monty Mouse.  The update is LIVE now in the app store right now- so head along to the store and get updating!

2) Grid Guru is about to receive a huge update where users are able to enter their own multiplication table to work out.  When the calculation is entered, then Grid Guru will automatically draw the correct table for you to work it out properly.  We expect the update to hit the app store in the next few days.

3) Secret Numbers has a minor update which includes the new Primary Apps logo.

4) Monty’s Quest and Secret Numbers have both been nominated for the ‘Best Elementary School Maths App For Kids’ – so please click the vote button in the post below to register your vote for both apps.

As a final point, Primary Apps will be making an announcement about their 4th and 5th titles really, REALLY soon!  Come back and check out the website regularly, follow us on Twitter (@primaryapps) or click on FACEBOOK at the top of this page and ‘LIKE‘ us!


About primaryapps

Dedicated to creating fun, engaging apps for primary school aged children. Apps that are designed to work on iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads.

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